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High quality quartz sands and quartz powders from Provodin have always been the mainstay of our product range.

This range, however, is now extended by incorporating a wide variety of quartz sands and quartz powders from our subsidiary, Kerkosand spol. s r.o. in Šajdikove Humence, as well as silica flour from Minorit s r.o. in Teplice, another of our subsidiaries.

In addition to the above, we also offer a range of special products from our parent company, Quarzwerke GmbH.

Our products and services provide the foundation for the quality of the finished products manufactured by our customer.

  1. Head of sales / Vedoucí obchodního oddělení
    Glass industry - Sklářský průmysl
    fon + 420 487 809 901
  2. Vnější služba - Slévárny
    Sales representative - Foundries
    fon + 420 73 728 46 51
  3. Vnější služba - Stavebnictví / st. chemie
    Sales representative - Construction materials
    fon + 420 487 809 913
  4. Prodej / Vertrieb / Sales
    Customer service
    fon +420 487 809 912